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About Us

We started our breeding program in 2020. Our goal is to breed healthy, self confident puppies for our community. The puppies are raised here in our living room so we can interact with them throughout the day.  They hear all the sounds and sights by being in the middle of a busy household. 

We breed the Empowered Breeder way, utilizing Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI), temperament testing, puppy massage, extensive socialization and much more. We are all about our puppies and want them to have the best start to life. Supporting us means supporting a quality breeder willing to go the extra mile to better the breed and fill the hearts of families with a wonderful pet. We will help match you with the puppy temperament best for you and your family based on your lifestyle and activity level.

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P Kemp, CA

"Hi Mary - I just want you know how grateful I am.  Ranger (formerly Cooper) is amazing.  He is so smart and loving.  I just can't get enough of his love for me.  He brings me so much joy!!!"

K Fields, NJ

"We are so happy with Ripley (formerly Tipsy) she is making having a puppy so easy.  She is so smart and wonderful!  She really is a special doggy!"

S & V Segal, NJ

"She is amazing and understands so much speech!"
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