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Baxter & Bella Training

A lifetime of help

So, you are about to be a puppy parent - Congratulations! Maybe this is your first time or maybe you are adding to your crew, either way, we are so excited for you. We want to make sure that you are prepared to be the very best puppy parent you can be and offer you an amazing resource.

Being a responsible dog owner ensures that you provide a plan to train your canine companion to be the calm, well-mannered and the best behaved doggie that you could ever want. A trained dog is less stressful, not only in the beginning, but for life. Proper socialization and manners will give you the dog you are envisioning. But you have to do the work and stay committed. They deserve it!

Start training them the day they come home and do it from the comfort of your own house. Online training is one thing, but an entire lifetime membership is a whole new adventure for you and your pup. Please get started today, before you pick up your new fur baby, and make a plan to set you both up for success!

So, how do you do that? Visit and use coupon code: STONEARCH for 25% OFF. That means for $178, you can feel confident that you are giving your pup and your family the relationship you desire for a lifetime of fun, excitement and happiness!

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